June 5th, 2009


The big day

This is it. Today I'm getting married.
Right now its half past 6. I've slept well.
I'm going to do my morning stuff and at 9, my brother is picking me up, and then we'll pick up my fiancée and drive to the beauty salon.
There she will get her hair done, and I will even have a make-up.
After donning our clothes, we're going to the botanical garden for some photos and a snack.
After that it's down to the church where the ceremony will be performed.
After we've received congratulations from the invited guests, we're going straight back to her apartment (our apartment) for a romantic supé of the best lasagna in town and a lovely tiramisu cake baked by her sister.

I'm not nervous at all, which is good.
Regarding big things, I never get nervous, because there's no point.
Usually it comes a while afterward, like sometimes when I realize how close I came to killing myself and such.