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Hard drive status: Failing

Wen burning a CD-ROM yesterday, I opened the disk manager and got a big red warning text going "OMFG!!! YUR HDDDRIVE SI TEH FAIL!! MAKE BACKUP & BUY NEW 1 FOR GREAT JUSTICE!!!"

Something is wrong with the hard drive, I gathered.
I have no idea why, but apparently that's the case.
Well, is is two years old, and you can't really expect ANYTHING to last THAT long, can you?

So I went looking for a new one, comparing the SEK/GB ratio (how much each gigabyte costs) and the cheapest I found was only 2.30 SEK/GB, which is rather cheap.
Especially considering it was the fastest one I could fin as well!

It's on it's way. So tomorrow, I guess I'm going to have to re-install the OS and do a lot of copying.
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