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There's a lot of buzz about piracy nowadays, not only in Somalia, but also on the net.
All moral arguments both ways aside, I think we all do it from time to time.
And the entertainment industry have had over 15 years to come up with a business plan to deal with the situation, but they have wasted the time alienating their customers.
Good business plan!
So as far as I'm concerned, I have no sympathy for them at all and happily admit that I do love filesharing, not just because I love to get things for free, but also because I feel good being one of the millions of reasons that drive this obsolete and contemptible industry to it's long-awaiting grave.
Also, I love the idea to be left alone, with no one to look over my shoulder.
Don't you hate that? When someone is looking over your shoulder, examining all that you do?

So I'm going to give you all a recommendation:
Get an account at

Ivacy is a VPN service, meaning that you will connect to one of their servers via an encrypted tunnel.
All your traffic goes via this server, so no one can sniff it or even know what you're up to.
Right now, I'm connected to a server in Russia, voiding the new draconian FRA-law of sweden whereby the army listens in to all traffic, and also voiding the new draconian IPRED law of sweden whereby ISP's are required to fuck over their customers if a corporation wants to.

The downside is that it costs. But not much. 10 euro per month, or 25 euro for 3 months (about $13 and $32 respectively).
Also, some sites think I'm russian...

On the plus side, apart from the user friendly VPN account, Ivacy also provides you with a webbased filesharing service, only accessible through the VPN service, where you can find a lot of interesting things.
It also provides an anonymous webmail account, and, something I've wanted for years, access to the Usenet!
Usenet is a bit complicated for first time users, but install a usenet client and it'll give you access to pretty much anything.
Not to mention that the speeds are amazingly good!
I notice no speed decrease at all.
In fact, it sometimes seems to run better than it usually does (when my ISP speed throttles my connection).

So all in all, it's well worth the price and have made me a happy leecher!

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