My old electric piano is buggered.
Four of the keys stopped working, and right in the middle, so it's the ones you need.

Last night, I was at a party, a hippie themed party, which was lots of fun.
The host spoke about hos he wanted to get rid of his piano, so I asked him what he wanted for it.
It's yours if you haul it away, he said.
Having access to a pick-up truck, and being the crazy that I am, I got my friends together and started dragging the thing out of his house and onto my truck. It was incredibly heavy, but it fit perfectly onto the truck bed.
On the way home, I also carried 3 extra passengers in the back seat, as well as two guys on the truck bed, lodged between the piano and the sides.

Back home, at 2 in the morning, I called my brother to come help me get it up to my apartment.
Oh my God, it's heavy! Which is weird because it's not that big. And there are no wheels on it either...
(I happened to drop it on my toe at one point and it hurt, bad...)

But now it's in my living room and I'll try to sell off the electric piano.
Hehehe. Dan

Multiple ePersonality Disorder

It's been 34 weeks since I last posted, apparently.
I started using the nickname  sanetraitor for a few reasons.
Lately, I came to the conclusion that most people know me as "Ion", and that Sane Traitor sounds more like a title.
I think I'm one of those persons that can never quite pick a nickname and stick with it.
But on the other hand, I don't like it if my friends have to update their brains either, so it's a balance act of sorts.
One reason I decided to switch is because "Ion" is so short, and used in a lot of other words, and not very unique.
Hence the "seal" suffix, because "Ion" was already taken by some douche bag that only posted twice or something.
Maybe I can get one of those renaming coupons to fix that, though.

Why, you may wonder, do I want to remove that part?
Well, I've gone through some personal development the last few years, and also done some soul searching on the subject, and I've discovered that my personality and other traits are no longer consistent with those of a seal.
I can no longer eat fish, I don't spend s much time in or near water, I've developed a less apathetic/lazy view on life, etc.
Currently, my personality traits reflect more appropriately those of a badger.
I've learned to eat pretty much anything, I spend a lot of time in the woods, I do more physical stuff, I'm solitary and I have a "never give up/fight till the bitter end" approach to life.

Even though I'm on the fringe of the fandom, I still like the idea of having a fursona, so if you will, think of me as Ion the Badger from now on.

As to the whole having two accounts part, well, having MePD, I guess I'll keep both and just do as I feel like.
True Neutral! Whoo!
Hehehe. Dan

(no subject)

1. Go to
2. Put in Username: nycareers, Password: landmark.
3. Take their "Career Matchmaker" questions using the same username and password.
4. Post the top ten results

1.Farm Equipment Mechanic
2.Race Car Mechanic
3.Heavy Equipment Mechanic
4.Motorcycle Mechanic
5.Diesel Mechanic
6.Automobile Mechanic
7.Aircraft Mechanic
8.Commercial Diver
9.Elevator Installer and Repairer

Mechanic, eh?
That's also the common description of my Myer-Briggs personality code, ISTP, the Mechanic.
I like doing real-life, practical, yet intelligent stuff, use tools and improvise.
Zen Lao Tzu

Fortune telling session

Hello and welcome to my humble journal!
Before we start this session, I would like you to turn down the light in your room to a nice, comfortable mood light.

Yeah, just get up and turn down the lighting in your room to a cozy level.
Don't worry, I'll wait here...

dum-di-dum... di-dum-dum...

Are you ready?

Now, if you like you might put on some relaxing music.
Maybe some world music, something oriental, tribal or exotic that you like.


Ready? Nice choice!

Anyway, now please sit down, relax, take a deep breath and look into the crystal ball.

Collapse )

My time is running away

I've recently been getting emails about renewing my paid livejournal account.
I've got 5 days left.
But I don't think I will.
Livejournal is a bit confusing in it's layout, and making your own skins is something I gave up long ago.
Also, I've recently came upon a new nickname.
I'm lousy when thinking up these things, so I got a little help from Sean Kennedy.
He suggested "Sane Traitor", a name he rather like and apparently was going to be in one of his books, and it has rather grown on me.

The name is rather unique, so I quickly started registering everything I needed using it, among other things a Google account.
Google hass some nice stuff, which we all know, and (so far) without being eeevil, and I liked their blogging tool as well.
So from now on, I'll use that instead, but I'll read all your stuff here and perhaps post an entry whenever I feel like it, but i won't pay for extra stuff I don't use when I can get them for free elsewhere.

My address is:

Come and visit. And if you ever decide to get an account there yourself, let me know, OK?
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